Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Armchair Traveler Reading Challenge

I saw this mentioned on Kate Sutherland's blog and it sounds fun. The challenge originates with Lesley of A Life in Books, and the rules require the participants to read six books that connect with the ‘armchair traveling’ theme between July 1st and December 31st. The books need not be limited to conventional travel writing. Fiction or non-fiction will fit the bill so long as the location is integral to the book. Participants are asked to post their list of six at the outset, although making substitutions along the way is cheerfully permitted.

I do not usually like travel memoirs but I think I can find some novels that fit the bill just from the armful I brought home from the library today or my TBR pile.

1. That Summer in Paris, Abha Dawesar (this might not have been my choice but my friend Mandy selected it for our next book group) (Paris)
2. Charlotte's Rose, A.E. Cannon (Mormon trail, Iowa City to Utah)
3. The Sparks Fly Upward, Diana Norman (Paris and, I think also, England)
4. Fever Hill, Michelle Paver (Jamaica)
5. Suite Francaise, Irene Nemirovsky (France)
6. It's Perfectly Easy, Mary Scott (New Zealand)

Hmm, more France than I would have expected but perhaps I will add some variety later on.


Lesley said...

Welcome, Constance! The only one I've heard of from your list is Suite Francaise (which I haven't read either), but they all sound interesting!

psammead said...

I have been walking the Thames Path on my days off recently (next week I'll arrive in Oxford which I'm excited about) so my choices are -

1. Three Men in Boat - Jerome K Jerome. The inspiration for everyone near the Thames

2. Two and a Half Men in a Boat - Nigel Williams. Written in the style of Jerome and very funny but with lots of biographical information too

3. Bookie up the River - Mark Wallington. The author rows up the Thames with a smelly yet characterful dog.

Now I need someone to suggest three more books about the Thames!

CLM said...

Hmmm, Haley Elizabeth Garwood (known for her medievals about Warrior Queens) wrote one called Swords Across the Thames but I have not read it. I did read a historical within the last few months in which the heroine took many barge rides on the Thames but am blanking as to the title (plus, am not sure it was worth reading!).