Monday, October 15, 2007

Neither a borrower nor a lender be

I am always lending books or donating my extras to the library, so when a friend in Houston recommended Bookmooch, which provides a way to swap unwanted books for ones one is seeking, I thought it was worth a try. For me, it has made the most sense when I could obtain a copy of a book from the UK not available here (and which might only cost a few pence in price but a lot in postage), although a) the most recent titles are often not listed yet, b) the used book/online market in the UK is very different from here so the inventory is limited, and c) one book took 3 months to appear! Sometimes it is a pain to make a special trip to the post office too, if one is doing the sending.

However, overall, the process is entertaining and Bookmooch seems to be adding 300 new members a day!

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Melissa Walker said...

I love bookmooch! I get notices when the book I want appears, and my "to read" list is so big that I don't mind waiting a while...