Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Peppermint JoJos

Last December people were raving about a cookie from Trader Joe's nicknamed Candy Cane JoJos, which are like Oreos but with crunched up candy canes in the filling. I knew the minute I heard about them that I had to try some, so I hied me to the Trade Joe's in Newton, MA and they were sold out. I tried their Framingham location, and was told pityingly that I should have come closer to Thanksgiving. A kind acquaintance near Philadelphia sent me a box that somehow never reached me but went back to Philly (still packaged but in crumbs - which probably would have been very tasty with ice cream) (I complained to the post office but got no response to my letter, which is typical).

Last week I suddenly remembered I should be on the lookout for these cookies, so after the gym (haha but you know exercise makes one hungry!) I zipped over to Trader Joe's and prudently bought four boxes when I saw them in stock. I gave one box to my mother, hid two on a shelf that is hard to reach, and devoured one myself. They are every bit as delicious as promised!

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