Thursday, October 9, 2008

Section 337

I have bought many books in my life, some of them more expensive than others, but was stunned to learn today that this book about the International Trade Commission costs $655.00! I am lucky the librarian at my job bought it for me (she did make sure I knew how expensive it was when she presented the new edition to me today). The annoying thing is that I don't even think it is a very good book but there is so little available on the ITC that every practitioner needs to have it. But even if I knew enough about Section 337 to write a more complete guide (with a better index), I doubt it would be a bestseller. The irony of owning such an expensive book that is not a delight to read . . .

Now imagine how many books I could get from for that much money! I keep thinking about my friend Suzanne's copy of Carney's House Party, which I seem to recall cost $700.00, and was surely the most thoughtful birthday present anyone ever received (and how was her husband to know it would be back in print ten years later?). That is the only book I can think of in the same realm as this, price-wise, in my experience. I own an advance reading copy of the first Diana Gabaldon, which I assume is valuable, but do I want to part with it?

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