Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

Although I am still watching Grey's Anatomy, it is no longer must see Thursday television but rather something that one records then watches weeks later. The implausibility of these doctors' behavior is increasingly annoying - specifically, they have all done something for which they should be fired, lose their license to practice medicine, or be kept far, far away from patients. Moreover, Izzie sleeping with dead Denny is just ridiculous, but I assume it is because show creator Shonda became obsessed with the actor and can't come up with another vehicle for him. I wish she would put her talent to use making Derek less annoying, as he does nothing but whine like all the other characters (both onscreen and off). She can't be reading the reviews of fans and critics, or she would come up with a better plot.Callie running back and forth between Hahn and Sloan was quite gross; I understand a) she couldn't make up her mind, and b) it was meant to be funny that she needed advice from an experienced man to be with a woman, but it made her seem both slutty and insensitive/offensive to poor Hahn (who was one of the only doctors really concerned with her patients - so clearly had to leave the show, regardless of her orientation. Someone might actually survive surgery at Seattle Grace, otherwise!).

Lexie and Sloan - Lexie has become my favorite character, and since she had absolutely no chemistry with George, and Alex is back with Izzie, it made sense for her to become involved with Sloan. I'd think there was more potential for him to reform if he hadn't been sleeping with cow-like Callie an episode ago. . . And Meredith doesn't have to be her best friend or pretend she cares about her sister but it's not as if Lexie ever did anything to her (and what happened to their crazy father?). Meredith's request that Derek warn Mark away from Lexie was the first sisterly thing she's ever done. It was Derek who brought Lexie home after Sadie's appendix was removed.

Owen Hunt - it was about time someone new turned up on this show and he showed potential at first but now he just seems annoyed all the time (not that he doesn't have reason - he walked into Seattle Grace Junior High School, just when he needed to escape from stressful Iraq - which reminds me of the guy at my law firm who volunteered for active duty just to get away from being a downtrodden associate), which is not much of a part. Surely he is supposed to smoulder?

Save this show!

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