Sunday, March 22, 2009


Something had to go when I began law school, as 24 hours was insufficient to work full time, get a JD, occasionally eat, sleep, exercise, and read my email.* I kept the Betsy-Tacy list, and rarely skipped a message, even if it was midnight before I had a change to read them all. I kept the Georgette Heyer list, although often I had to delete those without reading them (even in digest form, they accumulated). I did, however, cancel my subscription to Girlsown, the boarding school story listserv. It had often been enjoyable - and my love of school stories continues unabated - but some of the discussions focused on series I didn't follow, such as the Chalet School** or the Abbey series.

And without fail, this group always returned to the most bizarre topic - hair washing. There was always a faction (the Americans and the younger Brits) who insisted daily hair washing is essential. Yet there was an odd faction that tried to assert that once a month was just fine, and that once your hair/scalp adjust, your hair doesn't "need" daily washing. Okay, I don't care if you have dirty hair or not, so long as I don't have to touch it, but the arguments became tedious. This sort of discussion group only works if people discuss the books. I said goodbye to Girlsown, but stayed in touch with the members I like. And my friend Sam forwards me any particularly juicy messages.

Still, I was amused to see this article on NPR on that very hair washing topic today! One caption in the article is: "Skipping Shampoos Is, Well, Un-American." I am amused to know I could start WWIII by forwarding it to the Girlsown list . . .

* Although often short of time, I consider hair washing an essential activity.
* This is not to say I haven't read the Chalet School books. I first came across them in a Bermuda bookshop when I was 11, and was allowed to buy three. Naturally, I chose The School at the Chalet as that begins the series. However, for some unknown reason it never captured me the way other books and series have. Which may be just as well - I have enough obsessions already.

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