Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Mummy Market

For years when I tried to remember man (Neil Armstrong) walking on the moon, all I could recall was being squeezed into the John Ward School library around a black and white television. Bored while waiting for the coverage to begin, I picked up The Mummy Market by Nancy Breslin, and became completely captivated. It's about the three Martin children who go in search of a new mother but have a hard time finding one that is perfect (at that time there were just three of us, so that may have struck a chord).

Moon exploration in my mind became synonomous with this book, and I never really regretted having been so absorbed (that elementary school library could tell some tales about my antics over the years). Years later my sister suggested I get a copy for her to read to the nieces (I would say in the hope that they appreciated her more except that they already do!) and it was difficult. Thanks to fellow BTer Hilary who gave me her copy.

However, around July 20 with all the anniversary coverage of man's first walk on the moon, I realized for the first time that I would not have been in school in the summer. It must have been Apollo 8 that we saw in school, which would not have been nearly as exciting.

A few years ago I found out there was a movie made of The Mummy Market. I will have to keep my eyes open for it.

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