Saturday, November 28, 2009

TimTam Sighting!

In my first week of law school, I learned who would be walking to the Path with me after class: it was Brian Burlew, Renee Reedy, David Mello, Randall Berman, Eduardo Jimenez, Anthony Brown, and Gary Polanco. Renee called her boyfriend in Australia every night as we walked to Penn Station which was anti-social behavior I gladly forgave when she introduced me to TimTams, Australia's favorite cookie. Two layers of biscuit surround chocolate cream and the whole thing is covered with chocolate. Renee brought me back a package after one trip and I was hooked. It added to my desire to visit Australia one day! (Of course, now that she has married dear Craig there is even more reason to travel there.) Then, a week or so ago, I learned via Twitter that Pepperidge Farm had introduced TimTams to America (at least in NYC). I did take a quick look at my grocery store last week but saw nothing appealing (well, that is untrue as one cannot walk the cookie aisle without wanting to buy something). Tonight, however, I found TimTams on sale at Target for $2.50 per box! Apparently there are three different flavors: I am quite happy with Classic Dark... At least until I am finished with this package!

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