Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter Woes

Why one should not make a TBR pile on the floor with one's new Robert Goddard books, ordered specially from England:
because when the pipe breaks due to frigid temperatures, those are the first casualties!   I am hoping they will still be readable once they dry out...   Happily, this one is bouncing back after a day on the radiator.  The old laptop from law school that was stored in that bench was not so lucky but can still be recycled.
The room is recovering but I am still traumatized.   I had that "what do you save first when the house is on fire" moment and grabbed the lower shelf of Elswyth Thanes, figuring that long before the time the water rose to the Lovelace or Weber shelves the plumber would arrive (which turned out to be the case).


CGrace said...

Oh dear. I'm so glad you didn't have more book damage, though! We've been dealing with frigid temperatures as well. No pipes bursting near books (knock on wood) but a very spectacular blow out in the pipe near the washing machine that resulted in dirty wash water flowing all over the chilly laundry room floor.

GSGreatEscaper said...

Constance, so sorry to hear about the burst pipes. Glad you saved Elswyth though! Hope to see you when this horrid water is over.

JaneGS said...

Sorry to hear about your broken pipe and damaged books--you guys in the NE are really taking a beating.