Saturday, February 2, 2008

Football and free speech

What a great story about the little town in Ohio that makes all the footballs used in the NFL!

I also liked this one about the single or double dipping controversy.

Earlier this week, I heard Anthony Lewis talk about the need to support newspapers and the terrible budgetary constraints the nation's great papers are facing. It felt unusual to be in a large room full of people who all agree so fervently on an issue. He autographed his new book on freedom of speech for me.

There are those in New England who think Senator Specter went a little too far with his free speech yesterday... I have written to share my feelings with him via his website. I would not go as far as the site that called him a slimy little weasel but it is interesting that his move is seen as a way to gain popularity in his district with Steeler fans.

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