Friday, February 1, 2008

Rise in heart attacks found during exciting, key games

My high school classmate Carey Goldberg, a talented journalist for the Boston Globe, wrote today that "Intense athletic contests and equally passionate interest in those games can be hazardous to viewers' health." While she was trying to warn Pats fans not to get overexcited during the Super Bowl, I must admit there have been a few games where I too have had difficulty remembering it is only a game. However, that is more likely to occur during Duke or Red Sox games than watching the Patriots, whom I root for in a more detached way.

I doubt there will be much detachment in New England on Sunday! The local media has also gone crazy, sending dozens of reporters to provide nearly nonstop reports home and overall there were a record number of media credentials (4,786) for the game on Sunday. And they're getting desperate for news, with even an article on Tom Brady's hairdresser! I do like the slide show of fashion dos and don'ts, especially the comparison of Matt Light to Fabio!

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