Monday, April 14, 2008

Madness in the Bronx

When my former boss Dean told me someone had buried a Red Sox jersey in the foundation of the new Yankee Stadium to curse the Yankees, I assumed he was joking, and in any case, was so busy I did not immediately have time to respond or to explain that I was not so gullible as he thought. However, when I had the news on Saturday or Sunday and heard Hank Steinbrenner saying he hoped the (loyal Yankee) construction workers would beat this guy Gino up (he phrased it less politely), I realized yet another bizarre episode in Red Sox-Yankees lore had been added to the lexicon. Even Joe Morgan and Jon Miller seemed vaguely stunned by the whole thing on Sunday Night Baseball. I wished someone would interview David Ortiz to ask what he thought about his jersey being buried.

Is Gino a hero or an idiot? Will the Yankees go after him? Why couldn't he have waited until the construction was complete? That would have been much funnier...

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