Friday, April 25, 2008

Which is the scariest Lois Duncan?

My friend Susann has now got me totally hooked on the weekly book review of Jezebel - which this week vividly captures A Gift of Magic, which I think was the first Lois Duncan I read (from, naturally, the John Ward School library) and really is an amazing work. I was torn between laughter and amazement that this reviewer, Lizzie Skurnick, got the book so right. Well, sometimes these Yalies have something to offer the rest of us...

Nearly all of Lois Duncan's books are outstanding, but I think the two most chilling are Daughters of Eve (that guy practically deserved the treatment he got but it was still scary) and They Never Came Home (I think I remember crying at the end). However, the most frightening thing of all is how life imitated art when Lois' own daughter died tragically and mysteriously.

Lois' website mentions that an early book, Hotel for Dogs, is being made into a movie by Dreamworks.

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