Friday, June 27, 2008

Goodbye to Brigham's!

One by one the retail locations disappeared - the Brigham's in Newton Centre where my siblings and I were sometimes allowed a cone after Sunday Mass (they cost $.20 at the time) is now a travel agency - but the ice cream was still available in area grocery stores, and I am still devoted to their peppermint stick and their chocolate while my mother likes Big Dig and my sister Andrea swears by the oreo cookie.

Now it is revealed that Hood will buy Brigham's which I find very sad, although I have great respect for John Kaneb who owns Hood (he is a loyal supporter of Harvard football, and I sat with him and his wife Ginny at last November's end of season banquet). Perhaps I should write to him to emphasize which flavors they simply must continue.

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sheistoofondofbooks said...

Mint chocolate chip!

I tried feverishly to resurrect Festivus from the Ben & Jerry's "graveyard" a few years ago (cream based ice cream with caramel and chunks of gingerbread)

Festivus, an ice cream for the rest of us!

** I linked over after reading your comments on my blog (thank you! The link to the booksalefinder is great, and yes, please contact me if your nephew doesn't want the book!).

Are we the same person? I moved from CT back to MA last year, Harvard Extension ALB '93 ... small world!