Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years

Did you even know the B-52s were still performing? Let alone that they have a new album, Funplex! I wish I had known about the tour in time to see them in Boston! Or even in their prime... The new album is getting good reviews, mind you.

Athens, GA (hometown of the B-52s and REM both) seemed pretty remote then (despite my having relatives in Dublin, GA), but now our friend Claudia lives there and works at the famous vegetarian restaurant The Grit!

(Claudia was practically driven to become a vegetarian by a frightening experience involving her cat Tibsy and an unlucky squirrel - you would have to ask her for the details - what I could tell you is only hearsay, but I know I will never forget the shrieks coming from the house. They were what we in the law call 'excited utterances' and others might call banshee wails.)

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Camilla said...

Just FYI, missy,I have downloaded 2 songs off of Funplex from iTunes, and I love them! They are: Juliet of the Spirits and Keep this Party Going, both of which I love! Plus, my friend Greg and I stayed recently at Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel in Mt. Tremper, NY, near Woodstock, owned by Kate Pierson! Greg is an interior designer and I was driving him to western MA to meet a weaver, and he wanted a cool place for us to stay! It was great!!