Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Book Adoption

I feel as if I have often been compelled to adopt a book, whether because it was one I loved so much I had to introduce it to as many people as possible (Betsy-Tacy, The Blue Sword, Sabrina, Angels and Men) or the occasional situation when a book insisted on accompanying me home (Confusion by Cupid, memorably, in Charleston, South Carolina).

However, the American Antiquarian Society, which is headquartered in Worcester and where my brother spent one summer doing research on his (alas unfinished) doctoral dissertation on French-Canadian immigrants to New England, has a more structured (some would say authorized) program where generous donors can adopt a valuable book in its collection. While Gary Francione might want me to adopt the early vegetarian cookbook, I was more intrigued by The history of Primrose Prettyface; who by her sweetness of temper, and love of learning, was raised from being the daughter of a poor cottager to great riches, and the dignity of lady of the manor. London: 1818. If only I had $1100 to spare!

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