Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Manny scolded for jaywalking!

Funny to think of Manny Ramirez being scolded in Seattle for jaywalking! And the fact that the policeman didn't realize who he was is funny (did he figure it out once Manny showed him ID?). The Red Sox' hotel must be very close to the Seattle stadium* for him to be strolling there by himself.

During my one summer in DC, I remember the Capitol Police asking me to refrain from jaywalking but I also recall that when I explained I was from Boston, they mostly laughed and rolled their eyes. Maybe Manny should have tried that . . .

* The address of the stadium appears to be Royal Brougham Way, which sounds like something from a Georgette Heyer.

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Ellen Gerstein said...

I've been stopped for jaywalking in Seattle. If I can happen to law abiding me, it can happen to anyone.

For the record, counselor, it was to get from the old Bon Marche to Nordstroms. I had my reasons, that's all I'm going to say.