Monday, November 17, 2008

Mad Men

I finally had a few hours to catch up on the last few episodes of Mad Men, which I find quite fascinating. In some ways the characters are hard to identify with (although I am always amused by John Slattery, whom I liked years ago in Homefront - remember, Linda Metcalf met him at her factory and thought he had a crush on her but he really liked her mother and eventually married the mother - and I only recently learned he went to St. Sebastian's, the brother school of the school I went to for junior high) but the show is very skillful at creating sympathy for every character in turn, even the fascinating but infuriating Don Draper! However, until the final episode, I had not realized that Peggy, the Brooklyn born heroine had begun to catch up with Don in ambition and vision, and it was a very clever way to end the season.

How interesting that GQ has picked four incredibly different men as its men of the year: Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Phelps and Jon Hamm! Why DiCaprio? I know Revolutionary Road is getting a lot of buzz but it hasn't even opened yet!

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