Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Book Lovers Road Trip!

Baker Books, in Southeastern Mass., is sponsoring a one day trip to NYC to spend a delicious day in Greenwich Village visiting bookstores, including the Strand. How fun!

I know New York well enough so I would rather do that trip on my own but I am convinced I am missing out on a lot of bookstores on Cape Cod, and would welcome suggestions where to go there. I did find some books in the basement of (I believe it was) the Centerville Library but haven't been to any used bookstores.

Today I took a break from work to go to a library book sale in Dedham, MA, where I found little for myself but quite a few things for my nephews, when they are a little older (it was $4/bag so there was no reason to put anything back, except a juvenile version of Gideon's Trumpet, which I couldn't imagine anyone reading although I did hesitate, having just been to hear Anthony Lewis speak). I have always dismissed Dedham because the public schools are weak, but I drove by beautiful homes, both very historic in the downtown area near the library and court house, and large, more modern ones between on High and Common Street as I headed for Route 128. Of course, one errand led to another and yet another, and I never made it to the gym...

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