Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Judge Portrays McCartney's Ex As 'Out of Control'

This judge certainly loved Paul McCartney and had nothing but contempt for Heather! It's a pity she turned out to be such a psycho since most people just want Paul to be happy. I remember seeing him come out of a building on West 56th Street around 1992: I was walking down the street from the Mysterious Bookshop and noticed the crowd, then asked someone what he was waiting for. He told me Paul had gone into the building and hadn't come out. This exchange was being repeated up and down the block, and many others, like me, suddenly stopped hurrying to appointments and simply stood on the sidewalk waiting. I don't think it was more than half an hour before he appeared, waved at us all in a friendly way, then got into a car and drove away. It was somehow quite satisfying to be just a few yards away from him although I wouldn't describe myself as a Beatles groupie.

The expresssion used by the judge - "Mills 'flagrantly overeggs the pudding'" - sounds so much like P.G. Wodehouse!

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