Friday, August 8, 2008

caffeine is key

In Boston there are rules about how many policemen can be in a Dunkin Donuts at the same time (because if a crime occurred and everyone was sitting around drinking coffee, it would look bad). In Chicago, clearly, coffee preference is for Starbucks:

A Chicago police officer has been suspended for 15 months for demanding free coffee and baked goods from six different Starbucks.

Officer Barbara Nevers, a 14-year veteran, has also been ordered to undergo counseling.
The Police Board ruled in May that 55-year-old Nevers intimidated Starbucks employees by screaming at them and flashing her badge, handcuffs or gun when they wanted her to pay. The board released its findings Thursday.

Nevers' attorney says her client never used her job to demand coffee. She says some coffeehouses gave it to her for free because she was an officer.

Maybe I shouldn't be critical - I would be annoyed if anyone got between me and my Red Rose Tea. Although I rarely need to threaten anyone to get it...

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Ellen Gerstein said...

I was at a Nathan's in Yonkers when 3 police officers were served. When they went to pay, they were refused by the manager. They insisted, he insisted, and they ended up leaving a $10 on the counter and walking away. I guess there are rules and they were following them.