Saturday, August 9, 2008

Desert Island Books - or someplace even worse

You have probably been asked what books you would want with you on a desert island (I know people whose first response is to ask whether the Lord of the Rings can count as one book instead of three, and really, who can blame them? I would be grabbing box sets if that were the rule) or which you would snatch if the house were on fire. What, you've never been asked these questions? You clearly move in the wrong circles, my friend.

The infamous Clark Rockefeller, who in a week has gone from distraught father kidnapping his child during a supervised visit to suspected murderer/man with multiple names and no passport was yesterday tentatively identified as a German who came to the US as an exchange student and never returned home (not a crime, in and of itself). He is in jail in Boston with (alleged) amnesia, and requested two books: one on the rules of baseball and one on Paris during World War I. Maybe he heard that the Manny trade for Jason Bay was the only other news this past week, and wants to be as informed as possible on the national pastime.

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