Friday, August 22, 2008

Woman Arrested for Not Returning Books to Library

GRAFTON, Wis. -- A woman has been arrested for failing to return two books to the Grafton Library.

Heidi Dalibor was arrested after she failed to return the books, "Angels and Demons" and "White Oleander", last year.

“I said, what could they possibly do? They can’t arrest me for this… I was wrong,” Dalibor said.

Dalibor did not respond to four notices from the library, two phone calls and two letters. The library forwarded the case to police, who issued a citation for Dalibor's failure to return the materials or pay the fine. The citation included a court date, which Dalibor admits she ignored.
With arrest warrant in hand, police showed up at Dalibor’s door and led her away in handcuffs.
While the police have been criticized for going so far, the police chief said they simply followed the law.

“None of this would have been necessary if she followed the agreement and returned the books,” said Grafton Police Chief Charles Wenten.

Dalibor paid her $170 fine and was released.

“I completely take responsibility for not paying my fine on time and not going to my court date,” Dalibor said.

Still, she isn’t planning on returning the books.

“I still have the books and I don’t plan to return them because they’re paid for now,” Dalibor said.


Bully said...

Arrested? She should be given the key to the city for keeping those two books out of the hands of the general public.

Camilla said...

Frankly, I'm a little surprised that YOU were not the culprit in this case! But you know I'd be there with the bail money if necessary! Or Jasper could just distract your jailers with his monkeyshines, while Olivia asked repeatedly, "Is bear meat delicious?" until everyone lost their minds and set you free!