Sunday, May 31, 2020

Five Things

To help meet the demand for flour from obsessed home-bound bakers, this 1,000-year-old English flour mill has resumed commercial production for the first time in decades.  Don’t you love their grit (pun intended)?
Since visiting Montclair, NJ in February, I’ve been thinking about the Gilbreth family of Cheaper by the Dozen, which lived there.  I tried to look up where their house was so we could drive by but, apparently, it was torn down.   I did find this great article about Lillian Gilbreth, the matriarch of the family.

The New Yorker wrote about Quarantine Stew and I wondered if it is like Everything Pudding?
I liked this story by Rebecca Mead about her son using Laura Ingalls Wilder as a manual for “self-sufficient social isolation” during the pandemic.

I have spent more time in my kitchen over the last 9-10 weeks than in the whole time since I have lived in this house and I have concluded that cling wrap/plastic wrap is a product of the devil.  The battles that have been engaged!  It never rips properly.  The pieces you do manage to tear off are never big enough and they stick together so you can’t even use them.   It is a product that relies on what it could be, rather than what it is.  It promises much but gives nothing.   In addition, it is bad for the environment because it cannot be reused!  Give me tinfoil or give me death!

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