Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Can six words describe you?

Heard on NPR: "Once asked to write a full story in six words, legend has it that novelist Ernest Hemingway responded: 'For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.'

In this spirit of simple yet profound brevity, the online magazine Smith asked readers to write the story of their own lives in a single sentence. The result is Not Quite What I Was Planning, a collection of six-word memoirs by famous and not-so-famous writers, artists and musicians. Their stories are sometimes sad, often funny — and always concise.

I keep trying to think of a good one but have only come up with:

I came, I saw, I giggled... or Why is it always 1 am?

I think I prefer Haiku.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's awesome, baby!

How suitable for Dickie V to return tonight at 9! I love the fact that he went to the same throat specialist at Julie Andrews and Steve Tyler - the latter of whom I met during the publishing event of Walk This Way. That book is what used to be called a Lou Aronica special, in that it cost a million dollars, not inclusive of marketing and promotion.

My very first Duke-Carolina game was the last game played in Carmichael Auditorium in the 85-86 season when the two teams were ranked 1 and 2 in the country. This year (annoyingly) Memphis is unbeaten and thus ranked 1 (one can only imagine whether Coach Cal's notorious players actually go to class or will be there next year). Still, there is no doubt that everyone would prefer to see this game.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Picking Up the Pieces

There's always a sad empty feeling when the season ends, especially when your team should have trounced the Giants and instead wound up looking pitiful. Mike Lynch and Mike Dowling said it was almost as bad as when Aaron Boone hit that home run off Tim Wakefield in 2003. I can't help wondering if this is Tom's punishment for his behavior to Bridget but if so unfortunately he is not suffering alone. The media seems unwilling to blame Tom but are certainly eager to blame Belichick and certainly his leaving the field before time expired was classless.However, there is always something to look forward to - like Duke at Carolina on Wednesday night, and the long awaited return of Dickie V from throat surgery! If only I didn't have to worry about my nephews wearing Tarheel tee shirts in Virginia but I guess I can't blame my sister-in-law for wanting them to root for her school...

And let's not forget the Beanpot, where Harvard made the finals for the first time in ten years!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Football and free speech

What a great story about the little town in Ohio that makes all the footballs used in the NFL!

I also liked this one about the single or double dipping controversy.

Earlier this week, I heard Anthony Lewis talk about the need to support newspapers and the terrible budgetary constraints the nation's great papers are facing. It felt unusual to be in a large room full of people who all agree so fervently on an issue. He autographed his new book on freedom of speech for me.

There are those in New England who think Senator Specter went a little too far with his free speech yesterday... I have written to share my feelings with him via his website. I would not go as far as the site that called him a slimy little weasel but it is interesting that his move is seen as a way to gain popularity in his district with Steeler fans.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Rise in heart attacks found during exciting, key games

My high school classmate Carey Goldberg, a talented journalist for the Boston Globe, wrote today that "Intense athletic contests and equally passionate interest in those games can be hazardous to viewers' health." While she was trying to warn Pats fans not to get overexcited during the Super Bowl, I must admit there have been a few games where I too have had difficulty remembering it is only a game. However, that is more likely to occur during Duke or Red Sox games than watching the Patriots, whom I root for in a more detached way.

I doubt there will be much detachment in New England on Sunday! The local media has also gone crazy, sending dozens of reporters to provide nearly nonstop reports home and overall there were a record number of media credentials (4,786) for the game on Sunday. And they're getting desperate for news, with even an article on Tom Brady's hairdresser! I do like the slide show of fashion dos and don'ts, especially the comparison of Matt Light to Fabio!