Saturday, January 16, 2010

ALA Midwinter, Betsy-Tacy dinner

A great time was had today at Midwinter ALA in Boston, followed by a delightful Betsy-Tacy gathering at the Channel Cafe!

Front, l-r, Carla, Jen D-K, Julie M, Barb; Back, l-r, Constance, Becky, Jennifer, Camilla, Susann, Hillary, Nicole, Susan R (missing from picture: Deva)

Dawn (boldly grabbing the knight's sword), Deva (blowing a kiss), and Constance
Barb, Susann, and Nicole
Carla describes how she tried to purloin (the sadly MIA) KathyB's secret celebrity crush, who even sang for her before autographing Lights Over Broadway!
Jen D-K displays the autograph from Brian Stokes Mitchell while we moan with envy!
Jen D-K and Julie M
Nicole, Susan R, and Deva (who later showed us the cover of her new book!). It was the first time Deva met us so we hope we didn't scare her! Not everyone can handle the truth (I mean, the cult).

Becky masterfully figures out the bill (and wonders why we didn't just buy a vineyard!)


Deva Fagan said...

I had a great time! It was wonderful to finally meet so many other B-T fans in person!

BrunhildeCrow said...

What a fun night. I still have a huge smile on my face!

LaurieA-B said...

Susan R! I haven't seen Susan R in forever (I think it was 1999.) Actually, Constance, I haven't seen you in a very long time either. So thank you for the photos. I'm so glad a good time was had by all.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

"and a good time was had by all" surely sums up the day!

I enjoyed walking the halls of ALA Midwinter with you, meeting all the TWO-degrees-of-separation, and posing for various silly photo ops.

We'll have to get together at another bookish event soon (I know, Barb refuses to socialize with me until I have read and reported on all the B-T books, not just the bits and pieces I've gotten to so far :) )

sdr said...

Thanks for these, Constance! Spectacular record of the spirit of the events. Hi, Laurie A-B, if you ever see this!