Thursday, June 28, 2018

Five Things

My amazing cobbler in Brookline managed to resuscitate this favorite pair of black peep-toe shoes but oddly he put something in the left heel that rattles. I feel like someone about to break into a tap dance!
I am on my way to DC for a Credit Building Symposium and am glad my friend persuaded me to stay at the conference hotel instead of the budget hotel inconveniently located. I only wish I had been able to find my DC Metro card, which I prudently removed from my wallet prior to going to England in April lest I lose it. Yes, of course, I could not locate the safe place I put it in but did find my missing prescription sunglasses! Does that mean it will be cloudy in DC?

I remembered to pack postcard stamps so I could write to the nephews at camp in Maine!

I had hoped to work on department budgets for work before I left for the airport but one of the three necessary people texted me at 8:15 am that his cat was *still* vomiting and needed to go to the vet. No meeting. Then the second person shared her cat woes with me when I updated her. No pets for me!

I had a red pepper, one of the few vegetables I like; no time to eat it before I left but did not want to waste it so I popped it into my tote bag. No knife, obviously, as I want to pass through airport security - shall I eat it like an apple?

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Wendelah said...

You could use a plastic knife to slice it open and remove the seeds and stem, easily obtained from an airport restaurant. I hope you have (had?) a safe journey.