Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brontë Power

In case you haven't see this funny Youtube video on the Brontë Sisters. . . (my computer does not want to cooperate with the umlaut but will allow me to cut and paste it)

For information on the Brontës and related Society, there is a comprehensive website.
If you are not in a Gothic mood, I also recommend The Return of the Twelves, a novel about the wooden soldiers given to Branwell Brontë, which he and his sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne played with and wrote stories about the kingdoms of Angria and Gondal.


Chandra said...

Fantastic clip!

Deb said...

Also try THE DARK QUEARTET by Lynne Reid Bankes. I liked it best of all the Bronte books I've read.

JaneGS said...

I love the premise of The Return of the Twelves. I want to thank Deb for her recommendation of The Dark Quartet--sounds great.

avisannschild said...

Oh my goodness, that commercial on Youtube is hilarious!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way, and do feel free to get in touch with me for bookstore recs if you come to Montreal again!