Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Harvard at San Diego

Best Baby:  Willie Alford III
Best Band:  The makeshift band put together at the last minute by several Harvard alumni
Best Bar:  Clearly not in Old Town or at the hotel but it didn’t matter
Best Brothers:   Dave and Paul Scheper (Matt Foley was a no show, much to Jay's chagrin, so there was no competition)
Best Class:  1981
Best Cookie:  Saturday pregame tailgate (and there was no line)
Best Former Player I Hadn’t Seen in 32 Years:  Bob Woolway
Best Future Grandfather: Brian Hehir (checking that phone conscientiously)
Best Golfer:  I don’t think I heard who won but Tim Crudo assured me he was the worst
Best Hat:  Harvard hat with embroidery
Best License Plate:  My former roommate Loreen and I happened to park behind this car on Friday at a camera store miles from anywhere (see photo).  It turned out she knew the driver, a former baseball player named Dave Knolls.  He came to the party on Friday and the game on Saturday.  She also recruited him to be an alumni admissions interviewer!
Best Party:  Friday Night Reception
Best Plane/Adjacent Seat Companions:  Dan Mee going toward San Diego and Paul Brennan on the way back
Best Rate:  Marriott Courtyard (although I still think we need a hotel with a real bar - I liked the bar at the Marriott Coronado)
Best Roommate: Loreen
Best Score: Harvard 42-USD 20
Best Tee Shirt: See the onesie on Willie Alford III above (they should sell these at Dillon)
Best Trip for Golf: Paul Connors, returning to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech game
Best Victor: But I plan to continue calling him Orazio
Best View: From Wally Bregman’s infinity pool looking down into a valley (photo does not do it justice)

Best Weather: San Diego
Best Weekend: When can we do it again?  October 4, 2014 in DC

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