Friday, November 8, 2019

What is a Lib Guide?

Curious about the History of Children's Literature class I have been taking this fall? 

Last week's assignment was to create a LibGuide, which is basically a subject guide that pulls together all types of information about a particular subject or course of study.  I decided to do mine on children's fantasy, so I researched and included nonfiction reference books and encyclopedias, articles, websites, and some of my favorite books in the genre. I suppose it is really just a bibliography with images. I had fun finding all the covers, including the one below from an edition I own:

It will be interesting to see what my professor thinks of my choices!  For those interested, the text we are using is Children's Literature by Seth Lerer.

Here is the link: Fantasy Lib Guide


Judith said...

Sounds like a fascinating course, not to mention a fascinating project! If you ever feel in the mood, might you be willing to share a link to your Libguide? I'm a big children's literature enthusiast and taught children's lit at a SUNY college for five years. We did just a bit of the historical, and spent most of our time dealing with controversial issues in contemporary children's lit. I loved teaching this course.

CLM said...

I think the link should work and I will ask my professor if I can share her syllabus as well. She was an anthropology major and I think as a result the course is very heavy on older material and we have just reached the 19th century with only a couple weeks left, but it has been very enjoyable and I suppose there are a number of other children's lit classes that cover the 20th century. I am sure a class on contemporary children's lit would be fun to teach or take but you need some fantasy to balance all the controversial issues, don't you think? I realized when creating my LibGuide that I still prefer older fantasy so I had to work hard to add some recent titles.