Saturday, November 21, 2020

Bookshelf Traveling - November 21

Time for another round of Bookshelf Traveling in Insane Times which was created by Judith at Reader in the Wilderness and is currently hosted by Katrina at Pining for the West

This is another bookshelf from my living room.  On the left are several books by Jodi Picoult. For those who have not read her, she writes contemporary fiction with themes that seem torn from current headlines: suicide pacts, school shootings, manipulative talk show hosts.  Most readers either love them or hate them; I am more in the middle as I used to enjoy them a lot but now find some are very readable and some are just tedious. 
Back before she was a bestselling author, I picked up one of her books my then company had published – I think it was Picture Perfect, which is about domestic abuse.  I found it extremely readable but very disturbing.  Books on this topic are not uncommon now but I think this one was the first I had read (I seem to recall And the Ladies of the Club includes this theme too but I don’t recall exactly when I read that).  Publishers sometimes give up on an author they can’t break even on, and it took Picoult several publishers and quite a few books before she became a bestseller with My Sister’s Keeper.  Two of these are autographed so I can’t discard them, can I? But I might need space on this shelf!  

The Lord of the Rings hardcovers belonged to my aunt and they had dust jackets when I first “borrowed” them.  Frequent rereads must have worn them out. The Hobbit is the copy my mother read to me and my sister when we were about 7 and 4. I don’t think I have read (or finished, ha ha) Unfinished Tales.  

I have been a fan of Julia Spencer-Fleming since her first book came out (there was a great Publishers Weekly review before it came out) and look forward to each one.  I lent someone my copy of One Was a Soldier, removing the dust jacket first to keep it pristine and never got it back so I need to replace that one.  My mother has the newest title, Hid from Our Eyes, but I trust her to return it.  I have learned to be careful over the years, but that is another story.

Some have heard the story of how I met Ray Bradbury! Several years later, I saw he had written this book, Let's All Kill Constance (the poor dear is running in fear from something she dares not acknowledge) I asked my friend who was his editor if she could send me a copy, so it gets faced out in a place of honor.

Off the Blog: The Harvard-Yale Game should be taking place right now but, as you probably know, the entire Ivy League Football season was canceled due to Covid, which is very sad (of course, not the saddest result, I realize).  Here is a picture of me with former legendary head coach, Joe Restic:


Cath said...

I've read a couple of books by Jodi Picoult, one of them being My Sister's Keeper which I remember really liking. Not sure why I haven't read any more. I've also read several on your shelf by Julia Spencer Fleming. Loved your story about meeting Ray Bradbury! You've done some very interesting things connected to books and authors.

Katrina said...

Of that lot I've only read The Hobbit, I never did manage to finish The Lord of the Rings. I feel your pain re lending books to people. I'm very careful about that nowadays as a lot of people seem to never have any intention of returning books, it's infuriating.
I'll be doing my Bookshelf Travelling tomorrow.

TracyK said...

My son and I envy you your Lord of the Rings hardcovers and that lovely Hobbit cover. I have only read one of those I think but still.

Now you have reminded me to look for Let's All Kill Constance. I read the first in the series, Death is a Lonely Business, and enjoyed it very much. I have never met Ray Bradbury, but years and years ago (35 years?) I went to see him speak at a "Mind and Supermind" session for the Adult Ed at Santa Barbara Community College. He was very over the top and starting yelling at people in the audience, but it was a very memorable experience.

Lory said...

I love your story about meeting Ray Bradbury! The Martian Chronicles was a frequent reread for me in my teens but I've not revisited it for a long time and I wonder how it would hold up. And a few years ago I read Something Wicked This way Comes but it was not my cup of tea. Maybe Let's All Kill Constance would be more my taste?