Monday, November 2, 2020

'Twas the Night Before the Election

 Please take a minute to read my brother's article in America Magazine:

As Vernon Dahmer used to tell my father, "If you can't vote, you don't count."

If you don't bother to vote, what does that say about you?


Test said...

Very nice. I got several mailings from some voter advocacy group about my "voting record", and I got a very good score. The election last spring was the first one I had missed in a very long time. It was canceled suddenly in my area, moved, and had very few issues. I still feel bad about it, though!

TracyK said...

That was a very good article by your brother, Constance. I also read the article in the link for Vernon Dahmer. Very interesting to read about the horrible things that were going on in Mississippi when I was young and unaware.

Katrina said...

That's such an interesting and to me shocking article. It's so sad that things seem to be going backwards now. I've voted in every election, including local ones. Granny had to wait until she was 30 before she was allowed to vote so she always used her vote even when she was in her 90s. I was amazed to learn recently that black women in the US weren't allowed to vote until 1965, but reading the article, I wonder just how many managed to actually cast their vote.