Monday, July 11, 2022

Spell the Month in Books – July

Can you #SpelltheMonthinBooks? What books would you use?
Spell the Month in Books is hosted by Reviews From the Stacks and occurs on the second Saturday of each month or maybe a few days later! Here are books from several authors I admire for July:
J        Jonica’s Island by Gladys Malvern (1945). I loved Malvern’s books growing up but I had never come across this one until Lisa brought it to my attention: it is charming. Jonica is an indentured servant in 17th century New Amsterdam, falsely accused of robbing the family that has been so good to her. Apparently, the book is now available electronically. My review.
U        The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer (1959). Lord Darracott has summoned his heir, Hugo, a large young man who is the result of a marriage that horrified the family. When Hugo realizes they expect someone ill-bred, he puts on an accent and acts like a hayseed. As his cousins try to polish his rough edges, Hugo realizes something is wrong at the Darracott estate and it is up to him to untangle the family from the consequences. This is one of Heyer’s funniest books.
L        Leith and Friends by Clare Mallory (1950). When 14-year-old Leith Rossiter enrolls at a large girls’ high school, her father tells her to fit in by joining enthusiastically in school activities, so she helps her class amuse itself with silly pranks until she realizes they are despised by the older, serious girls she admires. Leith then makes it her mission to reform her classmates. Mallory is one of my favorite authors and her message here is that one should be friendly to all, not focus on one isolating friendship. My review.
Y        Yes, Darling by Mary Scott (1967). Scott was a New Zealand author (as was Mallory), who wrote romantic comedies based on her life on a sheep farm. In this book, Margaret has been a doormat to her father, husband, and stepdaughter in turn but when she finally decides to leave her dreary city house and return to the country she had loved as a girl, her life changes completely - and for the better.


Helen said...

The Unknown Ajax is one of the Heyer novels that I still haven't read. I do love the funny ones, so I'll look forward to it! Jonica's Island sounds good - I've never read anything by Gladys Malvern.

Marianne said...

How lovely to see someone else using Mary Scott. I ended my July post with "Yours to Oblige" as well.

Davida Chazan (The Chocolate Lady) said...

Oh, good ones!

TracyK said...

Some very interesting books there.