Sunday, September 23, 2007


Self Magazine on How to stop a headache before it starts provides 8 drug-free tips to avoid agony and painproof your day. It is no wonder I have such bad headaches since I fail these:

1. Do not press the snooze alarm because it disrupts your sleep/wake cycle (should I be blamed for something I do before I am even awake?)

3. Sit up straight or you will have muscle tension (I am not saying I *want* to slouch)

4. Drink water constantly during the day (lots of tea but I don't think that counts)

5. Avoid lunch of carbs (does it count if you have no time for lunch at all?)

6. Take a time out if you get stressed (but it's because you don't have time for a break that you are stressed)

8. Wind down slowly with calming activities (I can see this is a good idea but very difficult)

I do manage these two!

2. Maintain caffeine if you enjoy it

7. Exercise (although do not walk as much as when I lived in NYC)

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