Sunday, December 14, 2008

Betsy-Tacy annual ornament exchange

Every year the Betsy-Tacy listserv has an elaborate (and anonymous, due to the hard work of Betsy Sundquist and her elves) ornament exchange which pays tribute to the Christmas shopping expedition that Betsy, Tacy, and Tib make in Betsy-Tacy Go Downtown. Here is my tree with many Betsy-Tacy ornaments prominently displayed! You can't see all of them clearly but quite visible are the canoe and lantern from the Indian guide on Carney and Sam's honeymoon, a Big Ben ornament representing Betsy's sojourn in London, a dressmaker's dummy from Miss Mix, a purple ornament from the Deep Valley Class of 1910, and various dog ornaments received this year from Tony Markham . . .
For those who like to examine bookscases, as you can tell from the Dummies books in the background (some from before we were careful to design all the spines to match), these are primarily nonfiction shelves.


Anonymous said...

Someone sent me that exact padded crown a couple of years ago! Was yours from the King of Spain?

I can never remember who I send to each year, so I was examining your tree to see if I sent any of those, but I don't THINK so. Am not totally sure.

CLM said...

Yes, I think it was! A year or so ago I tried to make a list of all the ornaments I had received but I didn't think to note the characters, etc. I must do that going forward. Some are easy to remember like the dressmaker's dummy from Miss Mix or Big Ben from Betsy's friends at the boarding house in London.