Monday, April 20, 2020

Five Things

Dr. Amy Acton, the Health Official flattening the curve in Ohio, took time out to say that Laura Ingalls Wilder helped her get through a very difficult childhood.

My newly crafted mask is not unattractive but slides down the back of my head, although I followed the specs.   A paper bag would be easier to wear!   I am not speedy enough to equip medical professionals but have made a few for family.  I doubt my nephew was thrilled to receive a mask for his 15th birthday but he politely admired it and put it on (taking a wary glance at his reflection in a nearby window) (it wasn’t his only gift).

Why is it that the things you dislike are indestructible?   This knife from Ikea is so poorly shaped one is at risk whenever using it – whereas good paring knives disappear sans avoir dire au revoir like the people in my junior high French book.
When you spill tea on something light-colored, do you too automatically think of Henny in All-of-a-Kind-Family?
Speaking of tea, ginger tea is supposed to be good for you and the first sip is always pleasant.  However, the second sip makes me wonder if I used too much dishwashing liquid when I washed the mug!

Thank you to Emily for reading my last Five Things and sending me two actual letters!   In honor of her thoughtfulness, I found the picture of our first lunch together in NYC in 1996.  A lot has happened to us since then, good and bad, but I am so glad our friendship has endured!  Also, it is a long time since I had bangs but I still have that coat (although it is too shabby to wear) and the Betsy-Tacy button.


Judith said...

What a wonderful, cheering post!!!
I thrilled to it--thank you! And the reference to All of Kind Family, which is a book I've often heard about. Sounds like it's right up my alley at this moment.
Thanks for the cheering up and the great book references.

Karen K. said...

I loved The All-of-a-Kind Family, one of my childhood favorites! I also loved the Little House on the Prairie books, though now I find them somewhat problematic. I think my favorite was actually Farmer Boy, there are amazing descriptions of food in that book.

I think I had a knife like that when I was in culinary school, I think it was supposed to be for deveining shrimp? I suppose you could use it to core strawberries. I'm much more comfortable with a good paring knife. I agree, it's the stuff you don't need that never seems to wear out - maybe because one hardly ever uses it? However I swear by my IKEA ice cream scoop which cost $3 and is excellent.

Dixie Lee said...

I love the bangs! Bring them back...

And yes, of course I think of Henny - especially since I sometimes use tea to age paper...