Monday, September 14, 2020

Five Things

One of my favorite mystery authors is Julia Spencer-Fleming, who writes about an Episcopalian minister/former helicopter pilot in small-town Millers Kill, NY.  My mother and I met her a couple years ago at a Brookline Library event, which was really fun.   Spencer-Fleming is doing a virtual Mystery Night event on Wednesday, 9/16 at the Maynard Library with Paula Munier (whose books I recently discovered but which made my Best of 2019 List), also Archer Mayor, and Sarah Stewart TaylorYou can register here.  

I meant to post a review of her new book which I ordered and read during the lockdown but I lent it to my mother and forgot to retrieve it.  It was very enjoyable, although you know I don't recommend starting with Book 9!

Were you disappointed the first time you sampled Turkish Delight? I certainly was and relate to this article! Right before I turned 7, I found the Narnia Chronicles hidden in a closet where my mother was saving them for Christmas. It’s lucky I wasn’t planning a life of crime because I started reading (the first chapter book I attempted), then gave myself away by asking my mother about Turkish Delight. The books went back to their hiding place and I was in disgrace! When the New York Betsy-Tacy Society read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe for our Violent Study Club some 20 years ago, Linda Duchin brought a box of Turkish Delight for everyone to try. It looks pretty but I don’t think anyone liked it! In my mind, Turkish Delight tastes like caramels.

Do you remember the book, Are You My Mother?  Loved this story about a gaggle of Canada geese that have "adopted" a wayward white duck along the Charles River Esplanade.

Did you know about the connection between Betsy-Tacy and King Kong?   It does sound improbable until you know the story. 

Merian Cooper

Does anyone need bulbs for fall planting?  My library is doing a fundraiser and the Friends get 50% of the profits on every sale which will help support programming.


TracyK said...

I have read only three of the series by Julia Spencer-Fleming. So I have a ways to go to catch up. I do have some problems with the series, but the books are always a good read, so I come back for more.

I have read one by Archer Mayor and several by Sarah Stewart Taylor.

I do remember Are You My Mother? I assume I read it with my son when he was young.

I wish I knew more about planting bulbs but since this is my first year of getting back into gardening, this is not the year I am going to learn.

Katrina said...

Turkish Delight comes in various flavours but mainly rose, lemon or pistachio. It is very popular in the UK but I believe that it isn't likely you would want to sell your soul for some. However, you have to remember that when the Narnia books were written Britain was on short rations for basic food, people were always hungry and dreamed about the food they had eaten pre-war. So many books written at the time feature feasts, it was wishful thinking. Rationing didn't stop until the 1950s.

JaneGS said...

I absolutely inhaled the first 4 books in the series, and then somehow the story of Rev Claire was relegated to the backburner. I always loved the premise and setting, though. Hope it was a good virtual event.